About Us


Our Vision

Giving consumers new tools for managing their finances—including spending, saving, and investing—is our aim.

Our Mission

We're on a quest to make value led banking the industrial norm, from partnerships to policy.

Our Aim

• Starting from inside, an industry may be redesigned. We provide intelligent, adventurous individuals with the chance to try new things. • We accept responsibility, respect one another's viewpoints, and take accountability of our actions.

The Titas Virtual Bank collaborates to create something as complicated as a murmuration seem incredibly easy. It is friendly, flexible, and helpful. Additionally, it is incredibly successful, displacing the old elite by coming in great numbers within every new region. Do you see where this is going? We envision a prosperous future on a sustainable earth. Making money equitable for everyone is a necessary step in changing the financial culture. In order to involve everyone, we democratize financial education, speak about money in plain word, and fight over financial cliches in the media. Fair service, quick technology, and honest values. Everything is always accessible with the stroke of a phone. instead of selling people things, with navigating the complex world of banking and resolving their difficulties. We create previously unseen features while asking what you truly need. then create it quickly. Experiences for banking of the highest caliber built from the bottom up in the center of Bangladesh’s Dhaka.